Today I decided to start a new blog. Any particular reason? Well, I’m trying to improve my all important Personal and Online Brand. Of course, I’m not completely sure what that should be. The Quicker Picker Upper is already taken. Maybe I could resurrect an oldie but goodie..oops, don’t want to age myself, but maybe a Classic Hit from the past. Tastes good like a cigarrette should has been on the shelf for awhile (‘course I don’t smoke).

. You say you didn’t know you had an online reputation? Just Google yourself sometime!. I’m told employers (potential and current) are reviewing everything on your LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook pages. That drunken vacation picture? Already cost a teacher her job. You joined the local Tea Party and the person checking up on you is a staunch Democrat (or vice versa)? Can that actually cost you a job? I’m waiting for the lawsuit to show up on that one.

Rockwell was right when he and Michael Jackson sang “I always feel like…Somebody’s Watching Me”.

P’s and Q’s everybody.