A Weather guy loses it on the air. You may have seen the video.

Jim, calm down! It’s only 24 inches of snow! Jim Kosek from Accuweather.com loses it on TV as #Snowpacalypse. heads for the U.S. Capitol and the Eastern Seaboard. The Federal Government took the day off Monday to try to get dug out before the next round of 10 to 20 inches. (Maybe God is a Tea Partier?…just kidding!)

Is the snowstorm we just had a #Snowpocalypse or just #SnOMG!? Just like when I learned Spanish back many moons ago, I’m finding Twitter has it’s own vocabulary words, which really are what we call hashtags. It’s actually an easy way to find topics you might like to follow. The #hashtag differentiates an actual topic from another use of the term such as #Dayton getting you Dayton, Ohio, not Dayton Street in Wisconsin.

There was #superbowl, #colts, #saints, and if you were following and critiquing ads, #sbads44. Another popular topic is #movingtoflorida. There’s #MusicMonday and #FollowFriday (is there #TwoferTuesday or is that still only for classic rock radio stations? I guess I haven’t figured out if there are “official” hashtags or if I can make up my own. I nominate #drinkgenericcola.

See you around.

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