As some of you know, I am looking for new career opportunities to pursue. In an online search I found what I thought could be a perfect, financially rewarding and downright fun opportunity.

As any consumer or jobseeker should, I did my due diligence. When you put a company’s name followed by the word “scam” into Google, all the skeletons in the closet come out to play. Consumer complaints? Lawsuits? The fact that your business is being investigated by 49 of the 50 Attorney Generals in the U.S.? What’s more, you can find the company’s Better Business Bureau rating. In this one case it was an F.

I realize, and you should too, that anyone can say anything on line. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes it is not. If there are a large number of consumer complaints about your product or service, what are you doing to address them? More importantly, are you responding to negative on-line reviews? If not, why not? Even allows the maligned company to respond.

Toyota has taken a huge black eye to it’s reputation as one of the most reliable vehicles. Toyota will fix the issues and slowly repair it’s reputation. Other companies seem either not to care or to be totally oblivious to what’s being said about them.

If you don’t know how to respond to negative publicity, for gosh sakes, hire a pro!