The short answer is no, Craigslist is not a scam. The long answer, is that Craigslist seems to house every scam and questionable business practice known to humankind.

I occasionally advertised a business I was involved in. Without fail, the response I got contained replies like this: “I wanted to get ahold of you before you sold your item. If you are selling your item just to make ends meet, there is a better way. I started using the GetRichQuik Money Making System, and I’m now making $!0,000 a month in my underwear!”. Yeah, right.

I listed some furniture that I did not want to take from Ohio to Tennessee. I did get some legitimate calls, but I got a breathless e-mail from someone who wanted me to take my listing down so he could get me the money (of course I had to provide an account number) because he wanted to buy my furniture and have it sent overseas as a “special gift”. I wrote back and said “sorry, cash at my door, chump!”

Then I read about a scam in Baltimore. Seems that a guy listed a nice house for rent at a bargain price. He rented the house, and rented it again. And again! He even advertised on Craigslist for “leasing agents”. These “leasing agents” rented the house, collected multiple deposits, and some poor guy even paid six months’ rent in advance. The scam started unraveling when three families showed up to move in on the same day.

I won’t even get into things that are alleged to have happened in the “adult” section.

What have your fun experiences been with Craigslist?