Have you ever suffered from Paralysis by Analysis? Paralysis by Analysis means that you spend a lot of time thinking, planning, and strategizing without actually doing what needs to be done. This can be a huge problem for everyone, but it can be lethal for salespeople, job seekers, and marketing people. It can cost you thousands of dollars.

I say this because I am guilty as charged! I can spend so much time analyzing the options, the strategies, what project to work on today that I sometimes find myself getting nothing done. This great blog is written in my head. So is a great podcast series. Those videos, websites and social media campaigns I want to do, they are done in my head. Meanwhile, more tweaking, more strategizing, more shiny objects, and more “figuring it out”.

What to do about Paralysis by Analysis? I read an interesting blog post that suggested that everyone needs a good butt-kicker. In an organization, the boss often serves in that role. When you are self-employed, or searching for a new position, who is going to serve in that capacity?

One thing I have found missing is something that resembles an actual work environment. It’s not that I need to go out and rent office space somehere, it’s just that the people I see every day are missing. Everyone needs people to collaborate with, and keep each other motivated. Perhaps that’s a small group to gather for coffee every morning. I will continue to fight Paralysis by Analysis.
Now who wants to come kick my butt? Thoughts?<img src="http://Portrait of a young man writing in a notepad Vertical” alt=”Still analyzing?” />