We’ve just wrapped up a historic election, with a lot of mudslinging being played out on radio and television. Some of the ads were just plain nasty and over-the-top, and a lot of people were glad to see them end. It could be said that it is better to fight it out in the media and on Twitter than with riots in the streets.

If you are in radio or TV, all of that name-calling and mudslinging meant one thing: ka-CHING! One attack ad brings a brand new ad schedule from the candidate being attacked. It’s a beautiful thing, if you’re looking to get your operation back into the black after an advertising depression. With those dollars gone for awhile, what happens now?

What happens is more political and issue advertising. I even heard some today! At least one executive thinks that political will be a year-long category.

Veteran observer and communications attorney Matt Leibowitz told Radio-Info.com‘s Tom Taylor that he’s confident that political and issue-advertising will be a steady year-round category, even if it’s been spotty in 2010. Taylor quotes Liebowitz as believing that radio is going to start harvesting more of the wealth that’s mostly going to TV and cable. He predicts that “Political will be a consistent revenue source for radio, at least through 2012, though the numbers and locations will vary.”

The new congress will begin in January, and the fighting over various issues will begin. A possible scaleback on health care, Cap and Trade, tax rates and more. The next big election is only two years away, and chances are, some of the fight will be on the nation’s airwaves. ka-CHING!