Mark Zuckerberg may be a genius, or he may be the devil.  The Facebook founder gave an interview to Lesley Stahl on CBS’s 60 Minutes this Sunday, just in time to roll out the all-new, all-improved, all-over-again (drumroll) Facebook Profile Page.  Zuckerberg came off as a regular-enough 26 year-old, much more relaxed than he has seemed to be in previous public appearances. It was interested to see inside the world of Facebook‘s headquarters, and I want one of those giant monitors! Speed Chess? OK.

I finally got the new profile page, and I found there were a few things I needed to do right away. Since my work and personal info was accessible, but somewhat buried, I hadn’t paid much attention to it. The new profile page brings it right to the top of the page, and mine was woefully outdated. I keep my LinkedIn profile updated with that information, but seldom bother on Facebook. Now that it’s at the forefront, I made some quick changes. Mine now says:

Owner/Operator at Brad Lovett MarketingStudied Marketing at Ivy Tech Community College of IndianaLives in Sevierville, TennesseeFrom Syracuse, IndianaBorn on November 23.  The profile edit function asks me to enter any additional languages I speak. Do I still speak enough Spanish to qualify? We’ll see

After the “about me” section, you’ll see 5 photos that you have uploaded or have been tagged in. The ones that came up for me weren’t in every case the most flattering, but you can click an “x” to remove any one of them (it doesn’t delete the photo from your album, just the profile page).  On the left, you’ll see photos of friends, and in the right column, there’s the “you and (friend)” section that lists a mutual friend, interest or “like”. There’s a link that takes you to the recently introduced “friend page’ which links you to photos and posts shared with that friend.

All in all, I didn’t find a lot to dislike, or fall in love with in this new update. I haven’t had friends invite me to join “a million strong to change Facebook back to the last update we  hated” page. Yet.


If you missed it, view the December 5, 2010 edition of 60 Minutes here