A sobering thought for everyone who sells local advertising, be it radio, TV, billboards or newspaper. The big boys and girls are coming after you in 2011, in the form of Google, Yahoo, Amazon and more. This can be a huge problem…or a huge opportunity. Daniel Anstandig reports in his Radio3D newsletter from Radio-Info.com on BIA/Kelsey’s Interactive Local Media (ILM) seminar in San Jose, California. Dan writes that “pure players” like Facebook, Yahoo, and Google were there to show off their newest innovations in the local digital space. At the same time, broadcasters like CBS Digital, NBC, and Gannett shared insight on their digital advances. Quoting Dan

“With a few exceptions, radio executives were noticeably absent from the crowd of over 600 players in the local interactive space”. 

 Imagine that….big, well-funded companies are about to eat your lunch in the local marketplace, and you’re not part of it.

According to the report, CBS executive Ezra Kucharz, President of CBS Local Digital Media, said “Small and medium sized businesses need help. Most don’t have a digital strategy. They don’t have creative. Buying digital is too difficult, and self serve buying is too confusing. They want a one-stop shop for local marketing.” CBS is consolodating it’s owned and operated stations and markets into one website and local portal.

Meanwhile, Yahoo will be kicking off it’s own local experience, and you can see a Beta version here.  Yahoo’s VP/Local, Matt Idema, said, “There have been hundreds of millions of dollars invested in local ad media this year. The cycle is just starting.”

I will just give my quick two cents worth. Local radio, local TV, local newspapers: It’s time to get serious about local digital content and local marketing.Comments always welcome.

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