If you’re a Twitter user, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of headlines that say “The ______________ Daily is Out!”. These “daily newspapers” are springing up all over the country.  A lot of people have their “personal” paper, and there are “papers” for individual cities, businesses, and causes. You can find my latest paper right here.

Paper.li is responsible for all these dailies. It pulls and categorizes the content from any Twitter account or hashtag and assembles it on a daily basis. With around 650 people I’m following, my “daily” is 11 pages long. You’ll find links, photos, bog posts and videos (it doesn’t use the “what I ate for breakfast” tweets from the people you follow.)

I wasn’t the first person who thought that the output from a paper.li daily could be used as a quick daily business newsletter. I set up a separate account called BradsAutoTweets and purposely followed accounts that dealt with automotive marketing. Then I created another paper.li using the automotive account. I was pleased with the results…a lot of articles and photos about cars. You can see the results here.

I had what could be a quick-and-dirty daily paper that prospects, customers and others interested could see without any real work.  Does anyone read them though?

Apparently so. Though not hugely impressive numbers, the paper associated with my main account has had 1900 views in three months. The automotive one had 384. The only promotion for either was one daily tweet, with an occasional retweet from someone.  There is a subscription option for those who would like to receive your paper by e-mail.

The main disadvantage is that you can’t add your own content, and are at the mercy of what others post. However, following the right people helps make the paper interesting.

Have you tapped into the power of paper.li in a unique way?

Comments always welcome