I was struggling just a bit while thinking that I needed to write a new blog post.  One of my Twitter friends, Kimba Green, suggested I write a blog post on writing a blog post. So that’s what I’m doing.

One of the things in social media I was reluctant to do was start and keep up a blog. When I thought blog, I thought of a self-absorbed guy or girl sitting in the basement and pontificating, or telling me more than I needed to know about his or personal life or latest conspiracy theory. There are blogs on every subject in the universe, including, but not limited to: Religion, Politics, UFOs, cars and auto racing, cartoons, Classic TV shows, music, space travel, time travel, and of course the occasional serious or not so serious subject.

What if I was going to blog about real estate? There are any number of topics I could write about. That could include how to select a home, how to have it inspected, how to find financing, and how to improve your credit. What about an auto mechanic? Any mechanic would be money ahead to write about simple maintenance, how often to have the belts changed, tell-tale signs of a failing transmission, and much more. Day care center? Blog posts about child development.

No time to blog? I’ll refer you to this post by Marketing Professor Mark Schaefer.

How could you use blogging in your business?