Herb Tarlek WKRP

Who wants to be this guy?

At various times in my life, I have been employed, or self-employed in sales. I read all the books, listened to all the tapes, went to all the seminars, and still I have to conclude:

Sales, as it’s been traditionally taught, is something I’m not very good at.

Furthermore, if I have to live or die by only my own sales ability, I’m in a heap of trouble. More calls? Sure. Dial with a smile? Absolutely. If I make 200 calls a day, will I get anywhere? How about continuous cold calling from 5am-12midnight? Somewhere I know there is this part about building relationships and solving problems. Then the cold reality hits….I need numbers, numbers, numbers.  How do I really become a prospecting and sales machine?  Turn every “no” into a yes? Fearlessly conquer every objection,  get the order written and collect the check.

Fortunately, there are many social media tools that can help with the sales process, and turn cold calls into warm leads. These tools can be a lifesaver.

Still the question remains: Is one born a salesperson, or can it be learned? Is there a “native” sales personality (like people will say there are “digital natives”). Is there a place for an introvert in the sales process?

I’ll open it up for your comments.