When you come into the Great Smoky Mountain region on Interstate 40, just east of Knoxville, TN, you’ll see a sign urging you to tune to Pigeon Forge Radio. You’ve never heard of it? Pigeon Forge Radio is a unique station geared to visitors in the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas. You’ll hear ads for attractions, and be implored to stop by the Grand Crowne Resort’s welcome center (“the cute little cabin 2 miles South of I40 on the right..the HOME of the GIANT American FLAG!”) to pick up your free Milton Crabapple CD and a map (Milton, the mayor of Crabapple County, is interspersed between the other ads and features). The features repeat every few minutes. Rumor has it the exact same station is somewhere near Branson with similar programming.

There’s only one problem. Pigeon Forge Radio is very outdated. As we approach April 2011, Pigeon Forge Radio constantly says “the 2010 season is off to a great start”. One of the ads they run is for the Hootin’ Holler Dinner Show, which closed in December.

If Grand Crowne Resorts is not going to pay attention to Pigeon Forge Radio, which I assume is a computer locked in a closet and forgotten about, why not just hire me? It may be time for a facelift, and making Pigeon Forge Radio a place for traveler’s to get useful, up to date information on what’s happening around the area. The folksiness should remain, but how about an update to the continuous loop? What about tossing in some sponsored weather and traffic info? I would imagine a live morning show wouldn’t be possible, but what about frequent updates. Social Media? Pigeon Forge Radio is doing exactly none.

So, why not give me a shot at programming Pigeon Forge Radio? I’ll even handle the social media aspects. If anyone from Grand Crowne Resorts is reading, or if anyone knows anyone from Grand Crowne Resorts, wouldn’t it be worth a conversation? I can be reached at BradLovettMarketing@gmail.com.

How about it?