It was really bad over a recent weekend when fully half of the Facebook posts I readily see were either virus containing spam, or warnings about virus-containing spam. Facebook spam is epidemic, and destroying the experience for a lot of users.

Some of the most persistent offenders are posts that claim you can see who viewed your profile. One of your friends will seemingly post something like this: “I didn’t realize how many times my ex viewed my profile”.  Guess what, you can’t. No matter how many people post that you can, there is no such animal. You may even be invited to a “see who viewed your profile” event. If there’s going to be an event, shouldn’t there at least be a band? You won’t get music…your computer will get a virus!

Other popular spams and scams include enticement to click on a video, usually with OMG! in the title “OMG! This girl killed herself..” is popular. Messages that claim that you are in a video also are spreading. You have to watch your Facebook chat as well….those chat messages may not be what they seem.

An oldie but goodie…which I ralied about previously, are fake Amber Alerts. Thank goodness real Amber Alerts are now available on Facebook.  If you see an Amber Alert on Facebook, and it contains only a license plate and no name, age or description of the child, it’s a fake. I’ve had a “Secret Crush” scam take over my Facebook page.

Facebook’s security procedures have always been suspect. Could Mark Zuckerberg cook his own Golden Goose by allowing this to continue? Your comments welcome.