It’s rare for a business not to need to be online. What is a mystery is all the places you need to be online. Here’s a quick review:

1. Your own website. It should be a no-brainer, but many businesses leave their website out of the picture completely, or leave it static and not updated. A billboard that stands by the side of a road that no one travels is a billboard that’s not seen.

2. Your newsletter. Social media has not replaced an e-mail newsletter. In fact, with products like Constant Contact, e-mail newsletters can be part of social media. Constant Contact now gives your newsletter postings a chance to be shared on Facebook and on Twitter.

3. Local search. Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo Local and others. Make sure you claim your profiles and keep them updated. You can even add logos and photos. Don’t overlook this free, or nearly free way to be found, particularly on mobile devices.

4. Facebook, Twitter and Myspace (he said what?). There’s not a hard and fast rule as to what social media platforms you should be on. You should be wherever your audience is. How do you find out? ask your audience!

5. Blogs. Blog at least once a week. Don;t worry so much about writing for search engines, write useful information for your audience (no matter what the platform.

That will at least get you on your way.