There’s nothing like classic Warner Brothers cartoons. The whole gang, from Bugs to Daffy, Sylvester chasing Tweety Bird while Granny is close by with her umbrella, the coyote chasing the Road Runner. Anvils and TNT, all made by Acme. Even though many of the references were dated, the show…and it’s violence (but a character would be fully recovered from a gunshot wound by he next scene) when you move past the sanitized versions seen on TV these days,  have stood the test of time. Mel Blanc’s voice held all the characters together.

This year, Looney Tunes is back. Gone are the Acme products and the falling anvils. Instead, there’s a Seinfeld-like feel to the new cartoons. Is it Duck season? Wabbit season? It’s no season; Bugs and Daffy are roomates.

While writing the show is one thing,  there’s another issue that stood in my mind. Mel Blanc voiced most of these characters for decades. (Granny was voiced by June Foray who is still active today).  Others have tried to be the voice of Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Yosemite Sam and all of those tunes….and the results have been disappointing.

It’s more than making the right sounds. It’s Mel Blanc who brought the voices of these characters to life. Unless you could be in Mel Blanc’s head, how can you be Bugs Bunny?

How does this relate to business? There are times that you need to communicate your passion to an investor or an advertiser.  You  may need to hire someone to help you with that process. How does someone you hire communicate your passion for your project? It’s not they who are nurturing this project or idea to health from infancy. What if you are the salesperson charged with selling this idea?

I’m going to tell you I don’t have the answer. Maybe you do. It’s important that next time you are trying to motivate someone to follow through on an idea, that you and I both find out.

Or else it might just make us Looney Tunes!