I blame Jenn Whinnem for making me write this post. Jenn Whinnem found a cute item called the Social Media Citation Pad from Modcloth.com .  It gives you the power to write citations for bad online behavior, like tagging unflattering photos of people, oversharing, endless relationship status updates (my favorite: have an argument, breakup, change status to single, unfriend; make up, change status to in a relationship, refriend…gets old after 5 or 6 times).

Jenn wrote an excellent post as she declared that a Twitter Police was needed to issue citations. She may be right. Instead of the old song “No Parking on the Dance Floor”,  you could sing about the citations you’re going to issue.

How much does Facebook’s “like” button get misused or misunderstood? What does it even mean? I see news stories that depict tragedy, and some people “like” it. Someone will promptly chastise them for misuse of the “like”. Does the “like” mean 1)I like what happened (in this case, let’s hope not). 2) I like that you posted the story, thank you or 3)I don’t like what happened but I like that the perp got arrested.

I’m sick and you “like” it. Do you like that I’m sick or do you like that I told you?

While I’m on my own social media rant, what’s up with blog-gers who di-vide their words that have more than one syl-lable like we’re in sec-ond grade?

What other examples do you have?