I’m sitting here listening to a playlist called 70s Soul Favorites.

With all the hoopla about the arrival of Google+, another social site made it’s long awaited arrival on U.S. shores. Spotify is a place where all the world’s music is stored and available for your listening pleasure, free. Well, it’s not literally all the world’s music, but with something like 15 million tunes in the system, you won’t be short of something to listen to.  From the top hits of yesterday and today to karaoke backgrounds, there’s something great or quirky to jam to. Remember those old TV albums, which had the hits re-sung by no-name studio musicians? I also saw songs by Fleetwood Maxx and George Mcrea (sort of like going to Kennedy Fried Chicken, Taco Bill or Super 7 motel I guess).   Many of them are on Spotify, and you don’t even have to mail $9.99 by midnight tonight. Many of the remakes that you’ll find on CDs in Wal-Mart bins are there as well, and that’s a little annoying.

Spotify has been popular in Europe, and now slowly rolls out  is the U.S.  Spotify is using the same technique that Google is using with Google +…false scarcity. They are handing out invitations to “very special people”, and one of the first groups to get invitations are those with Klout. Spotify is offering Klout members with enough, well, Klout to receive a premium account if they sign 5 people up for the free service.

Spotify’s free service allows unlimited streaming on a home or laptop computer. You can use Spotify Social to share playlists that you create. The downside: commercials. Yes, you’ll find adverting in the middle of your playlists. It’s really not all that annoying, the spots are brief, and often asking a user to sample another track. Certainly nothing like six-minute commercial set on terrestrial radio. Unlike Pandora, you pick the songs.

Spotify Premium is $9.99 a month and allows syncing with mobile devices and otherwise allows for access to your music offline.  It also eliminates the commercials.

I have an invitation for you to sign up for a free Spotify account. Just click this link: