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From Transistor Radios to iPads

transistor radio

Many people heard the hits on radios like these

Thank you for visiting. This is a blog that includes my thoughts on social and traditional media, advertising, business, and occasionally, something lighter.

It all started at a little 500 watt radio station in Celina, Ohio. It really started the first time I played a 45 rpm record that I had heard on the radio. That interest led to a long career as a radio air talent and producer, as well as Account Executive and Program Director. I moved on to TV, got to know Web 1.0, and have immersed myself in the brave new world of Social Media.

Media and advertising has changed. Have you changed with them? It used to be that advertising and marketing was a one-way communications tool. We talked “at” consumers. Now we have to listen and respond…and it’s scary.

I have joined Social Media groups in my former home in Dayton, Ohio; and my current home in Knoxville, Tennessee; and have been learning from the best. That includes coursework at Pellissippi State Community College with Mark Schaefer of Schaefer Marketing Solutions. I study the latest trends in media and marketing and with a creative flair, I help businesses and non-profit organizations put them to work.

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A few of my favorite blogs and resources

Many people call themselves Social Media gurus, but very few are the real thing. Business owner and Marketing Educator Mark Schaefer’s {grow} blog is a must read

Scott Howard started as a DJ, just like I did. He now runs the sales operation for a Ft. Wayne radio cluster, and has an extensive blog, web, and social media presence. Check out Scott’s info here

Always a great read, Scott and Michelle Quillin own and operate NE Multimedia and New England HD. Check them out here.

KnoxIVI is an innovative internet broadcasting company. Read more here.

Paul Poteet left the world of corporate media to start his own successful social media buiness. See what fun he’s up to.

The Big 8, CKLW blasted the hits all over the Midwest. One of my inspirations for getting into radio

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Huge signal, great personalities

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