It’s official. Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie the knot at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2010. It will be a huge media and television event, perhaps even rivaling the royal wedding of Prince William’s parents.

The couple could skip all the pomp and circumstance and marry in one of the Smoky Mountain region’s fine wedding chapels instead. A worldwide TV audience might not want them to have a simple ceremony stateside, however. Why not our very own Smoky Mountains as a honeymoon destination, however?

Think just a minute of the possibilities. The weather will be nice and warm, but shouldn’t be hot yet. The dogwoods will be in bloom. The attractions will be open. What royal couple wouldn’t want to spend time in East Tennessee?

Prince William and Princess Kate have led more “normal” lives than most royals. William is a helicopter pilot, and Kate has worked as a flight attendant, retail buyer and photographer while her parents own a successful business.

As those of us who live here or visit often know, there is a lot to do. They couple can stay in one of the resorts, a secluded cabin or chalet, or even the Inn at Christmas Place (if it was good enough for Regis Philbin, why not for the Royal Couple?) There’s ziplining,, nice restaurants, Dollywood, The Titanic Museum Attraction, and Wonderworks. The couple can hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, go rafting on the quiet side of the mountain, or take a day trip to Knoxville and attend the Tennessee Theatre or the Bijou. How much money would a royal honeymoon in the Smokies bring into the area? All that papparrazzi would have to stay somewhere. Sevierville based Cinemarr Entertainment could film it all in 3D.

Whether or not the Royal Couple actually honeymoon here, the promotional tie-ins for all types of business are endless, particularly for any type of business that heavily targets females. A royal weekend travel package? Bridal shops offering duplicates of Ms. Middleton’s dress? Bars and restaurants offering big-screen viewings of the wedding (even if it is at 4:30am Eastern Time)

How could you make the royal wedding tie into your Spring 2011 promotional plan?