Feb 26, 2011
Brad has been my media sales rep, now a social media star! Good luck in all your efforts!”

From: Gina Kay Landis

Feb 23, 2011
“Brad is a leader and a worker – a radio voice to die for too! His embracing new technology now and in the future bodes well for Brad!”
Feb 21, 2011
“Brad is a great promoter & a social media genius for your businesses needs. I would recommend him to anyone!”
Jan 11, 2011
“Brad is great at connecting people & is passionate about bringing social media benefits to business marketing”
From Saundra McBride on Jul 19, 2011
I’ve not known Brad long but I do know that he is a passionate man, a person of his word, professional and extremely talented in his field.”
From Scott Howard on Jul 10, 2011
“Brad’s work in connecting radio people via Social Media is priceless.”
From Patty Lanke on Jun 28, 2011
“The short time that I have known Brad, has been a pleasure. He is a hard worker, with a tremendous work ethic. Very professional and kind!”
From Michelle Quillen on September 13, 2011
You’re rockin’ it (Social Media) HARD, Brad. I’m so impressed with you! Can’t wait to hire you. ;o)